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    The Atomic EFI has a new update available to improve your driving experience.

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     At MSD we are always trying to make the best products we can, sometimes that includes making a current product even better. The Atomic EFI created quite a stir in the automotive community thanks to the innovative design that makes installation easier than ever. Now, our engineers have found a few small fixes that will help to improve your driving experience with the Atomic EFI as well.

    Version updates include (Dash/EFI/PM): 


    Changes on the main ECU:

    • Fixed harsh decel condition.


    Changes on the main ECU:
    • IAT now works to -40.
    • Improved return to idle with better IAC function.
    • Added TPS output signal for 2939 module that will send out a .5-4.5V signal.
    • Shortened shut down time of handheld.
    • Calibration added for air pump equipped GM vehicles to ignore O2 sensor signal until the vehicle reaches 160F (air pump diverter switch point from manifolds to catalytic converter).
    • Code is now C.A.R.B compliant for GM vehicles 1987 and older originally equipped with a carburetor.

    Handheld changes:

    •  Added "Initial Setup/Air Pump Equipped" for GM vehicles with and air pump (1987 and earlier) -- this must be selected if the air pump diverts air into the manifolds before 160F otherwise an extremely rich condition could exist.
    •  Added a constant data stream in case a Racepak V-Net module is plugged in for use with Racepak dashes or loggers.
    •  Added a feature to "time-out" the backlight if it is being used in the car at night time. Can set to a time or disable it.
    • Added a feature to allow the customer to setup a "default display" so the handheld will go to the dash, gauge or main page on startup.


    • Improved the MAP error detection


    • New Dashboard
    • Controls for Nitrous, Forced Induction timing fuel/ignition controls
    • Improved Idle and Fuel Controls
    • Added protection from the system running too rich due to a false lean reading on the O2
    • Fixed the random 02 sensor code on start up

    The update takes only minutes to complete so that your car never has to miss time on the road.

    In order to update the Atomic EFI you will first need to download the updated files from AtomicEFI.com.
    (Right click and choose "Save Target As" if it doesnt download automatically)


     Make sure your card does not look like this.  This is from a customer that sent his handheld in because it would not update (the handheld said the firmware was bad and needed updated).  It updated just fine when I deleted the (1) and (2) after the file names.  This is caused by Windows if you have previously downloaded an update and it is still in your downloads folder.  Just something to look out for if you are doing any updates.

    They should look like this:

    UPDATED: 09-25-14 Version numbers below. 


    Download Atomic EFI Software       Download Atomic EFI Handheld Software    PowerModule_A 

    1. The update will reset all settings in the Atomic EFI.

    a. Be sure that you make note of all settings in the Initial and Advanced Set-ups prior to performing the update.

    2. Download the update files from AtomicEFI.com

    a. Be sure they are saved in a place that you will find them (the desktop is often the best place to save them).
    b. DO NOT rename the files, the Atomic EFI will only recognize files with the names assigned by MSD.

    3. Transfer the files to the Micro-SD Card that came with the Atomic.

    You will need an SD Card reader for this – if you do already not have a reader, they can be found at most electronics stores for less than $10.

    a. Open the Micro-SD card’s window on your computer.
    b. Drag and drop the MSD files into the folder.
    c. The files must remain in the main folder do NOT put them in a sub-folder.

    4. Move the Micro-SD card to the Atomic EFI’s Handheld
    5. Ensure the Handheld is plugged in to the Power Module
    6. Turn the vehicle’s ignition switch to Key-On

    a. Do not start the engine

    7. At this time the Atomic will automatically update the Handheld.

    a. This process will take approximately 30 seconds, do not remove power.

    8. When the handheld update is complete you will be prompted to update the Atomic ECU as well.

    a. Use the Handheld joystick see “YES” by pushing the joystick up.
    b. Push the joystick in to accept.

    9. At this time the Atomic ECU will be updated.

    a. This process will take approximately 30 seconds.
    b. The beginning of this process will display “Erasing” – this is normal, do not remove power.
    c. The handheld’s screen will notify you when the update is complete.

    10. Use the handheld’s joystick to go back (left) to the main menu.
    11. Input all previous settings for the Initial and Advanced setups.
    12. Enjoy your updated Atomic EFI.

    You can check to see that the Atomic update is successful by looking at the version numbers on the Handheld. To do so go to:

    - Display setup

    - Firmware versions

    - Dash – 2.0.7
    - EFI – 1.2.10
    - P.M. – 1.0.9